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Sales & Service Head, Robus India, explains to Rahul Kumar Printweek, how Robus India folder-gluers is a suitable alternative to global brands

Robus India folder-gluers are advanced and economical. The machines have been designed to produce crash lock cartons, 4.5 feet LED Tube light boxes, A and B type boxes, 4 and 6 corner cartons, tapered boxes, double wall, envelope, catch cover, Fish Tail Cartons, PP Clear Film Cartons, Two pieces boxes/AB pasting, Disproportionate flute cartons etc. The machines also include special features like Rapid Wave technology (HOOK LESS), unique auto removal of centre conveyor, Squaring Device, clapping device, semi-automatic collecting table, cross pasting control or fish-tailing control system, and others, specially designed by the research department of Robus India. The machines work on freedom from monopoly components. Robus India machines provides European Quality at reasonable price.

There are Six different Series of the Robus India folder-gluer — ES Series, JC Series, JX Series, JT series, Semi-Automatic for lock bottom pasting machine and Semi-Automatic for Uneven AB pasting machine

The JC series is the most advanced model for mono cartons and 3 ply cartons. It is available in sizes 850 and 1,100 and includes unique features to fulfil the requirements of the Indian market. For example, the Rapid Immovable Hooks Technology can help to run crash lock cartons at a speed of 400m/min. The machine features auto removal of centre conveyor, memory system, clapping device, squaring device, suction feeder, and four-fold lock bottom with international standard pre-folding. It also allows retrofitting to add advanced attachments like semi-automatic collection table, inline inspection, inline braille, four and six-corner attachment, grinder and plasma.

The ES Series is used for duplex, mono and three-ply cartons. It is available in sizes 680 and 850. The model has all the features available in a folder-gluer same as a global brand.  Three ply upto 4 mm can run .  PP Clear Material specially used by Wine, Pharma, and Perfume Industries can handle. It also allows retrofitting to add advanced attachments such as braille, collection table, inline inspection and four and six-corner.

The JX Series has been especially designed for corrugation boxes. It is available in sizes 1,200, 1,450, 1,700, 2,100, 2,300, and 2800. The machine is ideal for simple side pasting, lock-bottom and four and six-corner jobs. Special features include fish-tailing control system. Specially equipped with Paper Regulator device.  Disproportionate cartons can be run easily by using this series. Upper & Lower conveyor induvial driven used in it  for better control.

The JT series specially designed for the pasting of double part box. It includes all the features of the JX series. It is available in sizes 1,700, 1,900, 2,400, 2,800, and 3200 mm. In this up to 9 feet long carton can be glued with Cold Glue.

Semi-Automatic for Lock bottom pasting  machine is specially designed for small run job fluted cartons . It is available in sizes 1500 & 1800 mm.

Semi-Automatic for Uneven AB pasting machine is available in sizes 1800 – 5200 mm.

There are a few parts in the machines which can be standalone, such as braille attachment , Unique collection table used for RI machines & in others too,

4.5 Feet long LED Tube Light Boxes in both Board and Corrugated, Pneumatic Vibrator Feeder, four and six corner, Grinder, Nozzle Glue Gun System with Cold Glue as well as Hot Glue, plasma, Clapping Device, , inline system, squaring device, etc.

We started working on the machine in 2015 and launched it in India one year later. Five years down the line, it has proven to be one of our most successful products.

The idea behind the development of the machine was to provide a best-possible solution to the requirement of the Indian market at a reasonable price specially who is dealing in versatile job.

We focus on the packaging converters who deals in mono cartons, corrugated cartons, three-ply, five-ply, seven-ply printed and non-printed boxes.

The machines can handle All types of Board, cardboard, PP Clear material and corrugated cartons, 3/5/7-ply printed and non-printed boxes.

The maximum speed of the machine is 450-m/min, but some of our clients are running the machine at the speed of 500-m/min.

The USP of Robus India is that we at Robus India are capable of doing the typical jobs, as well as jobs which global companies have failed to do. Best service provider of service in terms of quality and time.

It is a completely automated machine, easily accessible and easily controllable.

We are one of the best service provider on the latest technology. We provide operational training given by our operational engineers once the machine is installed. We also supervise the working of the machine periodically.

The range is from Rs 36-lakh to Rs 2-crore.

In India, we have installed around 120 folder-gluers and are expecting 50% increment in the next financial year.

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