Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine

High Technology and Fast Functioning Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine

Robus India is one of the leading Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine Manufacturer & Supplier in India. We committed to taking modern cutting-edge technology to its customers. A result of this commitment Robus India provide high quality Flat Bed Die-Punching and Creasing Machine designed to handle even the most involved and detailed designs. Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine is a machine that has a die or sharp blades which is used to cut the material. Normally die cutting machines are used to cut the printed material. Flatbed die punching machines are the best choice for packaging industry. Flatbed die cutting machines does various processes such as cutting, creasing, embossing, waste stripping.

Hydraulics are used to run a flatbed die cutter. It makes use of a steel rule die that is bent to match the shape you want to make. Hydraulic pressure drives downward through the material as the machine cycles, punching out die-cut components. The vertical motion can cause some curvature on the completed items’ edges. However, using right tactics, you can avoid this.

  • Can cut through much thicker, denser materials because the machines can be opened wide
  • More affordable than rotary die cutting because of lower tooling and machine costs
  • Can group parts more closely on the sheet, reducing scrap materials and waste
  • Can work with a larger variety of materials, whether they’re thick or thin, or come in sheets or rolls
  • MHC-FC/FAutomatic Die Cutting & Creasing Machine with Stripping & Without Stripping (Lead Edge Feeder)
  • MHCHigh Pressure Automatic Die Cutting Machine with Heating Section
  • MHK T/TCFully Automatic Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting with Stripping
    1050T and 1050TC
  • MHK C/CEFully Automatic Die Cutting Machine with Stripping Speed Master
    1050 & 1050CE
  • MHK FCFully Automatic Die Cutting & Creasing Machine with Stripping
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