EZE Fold

High Speed Automatic Folder Gluer


IMMOVABLE HOOKS Technology to run Crash Lock Cartons at a speed of 400m/min

Feeder Section

  • 5 Feeding Belts along with 2 Suction Belts.
  • Each Feeder Belt can be Adjusted Independently.
  • Equipped with Adjustable Feeding Knives -2 Pcs.
  • Equipped with Pneumatic Vibrator- 1 Pcs.
  • Suction System – 1 Set
  • Motorized Friction Feeder with Independent AC Motor.
Pre Folding Section

Pre-Folding Section

  • 1st Crease Pre-Folding 180 Degrees
  • 3rd Crease Pre-Folding 165 Degrees
  • Equipped with Nitta Folding Belts
  • Standard Accessories for B-Type Folding Carton
  • Both Upper & Lower Carrier can be Removed While running Small Size Carton.

Glue System

  • Equipped with Advanced Left Side Gluing Tank with Unique Scrapper Device with Micro-Metric Adjustment for Precise Gluing.
  • Easy to Remove All Equipment for Quick Cleaning.
  • Standard 3 mm Glue Disc (Optional Glue Disc width 4, 5, 6, 8,10mm).
Glue System
Folding & Closing Section

Folding & Closing Section

  • Main Motor Controlled by Frequency Speed Variation.
  • Smooth and Accurate Folding of 2nd & 4thCrease.
  • Two Set of Upper and Lower Carrier, they are Drive, Middle and Control Side of Machine.
  • Left and Right Outward Folding Belts Speed can be Micro Adjusted to Increase Folding Accuracy.
  • Equipped with Branded Folding Belts.

Trombone Section

  • Upper & Lower Drive Mechanism for Box Length Adjustment.
  • Equipped with Automatic Belt Tension Adjusting System.
  • Upper Arm Set can be Adjusted Backward and Forward to Ensure a Continuous and Automatic Box Collection Mechanism.
  • Equipped with a Control Screen for Operating the Machine.
  • Single and Easy Operation for Upper, Down Expansion Adjustment, Left or Right Twin Board Moveable for Piling.
  • Batch Counter Equipped with Electronic Sensor.

High Speed Automatic Folder Gluer


Machine Features
  • 2 No’s of Suction Belts at Feeder Section.
  • Independent AC motor for Feeder Section.
  • Standard Accessories for A & B type Straight Line Cartons
  • Advanced Gluing Tank with Unique Scrapper Device with Micro-Metric adjustment for precise gluing.
  • Glue Tank Designed for Easy to Clean.
  • Standard Glue Tank on Left Side
  • Batch Counter equipped with Electronic Sensor
  • Conveyor Pressure can be adjusted pneumatically
  • Maximum Feeding width: 580 mm.
  • Power Required: 18kW
  • Speed: 350 meters/min
  • Standard 2 Years Warranty
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