Semi Automatic Collecting Table


Product Description

Model: RI-CL 450 is collecting Table to make the packaging easier. Its operation is simple and humanized design can use for almost all types of carton packaging. We make paste box machine production line speed increased to maximum packing with only the two people, excellent quality of cast a lasting benefit!

Main Application Range

For most high-speed automatic folder gluer in the market, their pressure box transportation department and the poultice box, cosmetics boxes, and other small cardboard package box, and collection box for the traditional closed box too late to collect box packing can be used in automatic closing box machine device, automatic closing box machine design have synchronizer device and the linkage of box pasting machine.

Traditional folder gluer machine receives the box by the tile collection way, when the machine running at a high speed, worker always cannot receive the box timely. Cause the low efficiency or need more person to receive.

Automatic receive box machine to transfer the box from folder gluer machines by belt to structure, direction of stacking cartons of stereoscopic turn of 90 degrees, so the paper boxes stacked way many convenient than flat out stack. Only ~3 people can cope with folder gluer machines fold box at a speed of 400 meters/min, which greatly improves the work efficiency, and reduces the labor intensity, and not broke the original counting.

Feature Value
Folded blanks MAX 440 X 500 mm.
Folded blanks MIN 50 X 100 mm.
Machine dimension 2100 X 2000 mm.
Weight 500 Kg.
Voltage 220 V/50HZ
Power 1.4 KW
!Really small investment, big gains!

The collection Table costs a little money, but it can maximize the efficiency of the high priced high-speed box machine, At the same time, the number of workers in the process of receiving boxes is greatly reduced, Two people can complete the work of the original six people. Half a year’s artificial wages will be able to recover the investment.

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