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Off-Line Tape Applicator
Online Tape Applicator

About Off-Line Tape Applicator

Control system

The use of man—machine dialogue mode, the production process can be adjusted according to the actual situation at any time to change.

Cost control

Precision in millimetre at any speed, Double—sided [easy tear tape adhesive on the glue flap folding box/carton, instead of the manual bonding processing, Improved production efficiency.

Simple and convenient to operate

Modular system design, and the control of other functions, all can be realized through one— key switch on the touch screen easily.

Application field

Applicable for boxes, delivery bags, corrugated boxes, and smoke / wine boxes, gift boxes, artware adhesive.

Sr. No Feature Value
1 Machine length 2200mm
2 Machine width 1100mm
3 Rated power 1.5KW
4 Weight 950kg
5 Tear tape size 3-5mm
6 Double side tape 5-35mm
7 Carton maximum size 1100 x 1100
8 Carton minimum size 90 x 90
9 Speed 35Meter per minute
10 Minimum spacing between two segments 30mm
11 Adhesive precision Front or Rear +/- 2mm
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