High Speed Fully Automatic Folder Gluer Machine


IMMOVABLE HOOKS Technology to run Crash Lock Cartons at a speed of 400m/min

Advance Solution for Some Specific Issues
  • Freedom from Monopoly Components.
  • European Quality at Reasonable Price.
  • 5 Feet Long Tube Light Box Pasting With Cold Glue up to 17,000 boxes per hour output.
  • Unique Auto Removal Central Conveyor to save huge time in Job Make Ready.
  • Advance Carton Squaring Device to avoid deviation and Smooth Running of Low Height Boxes, Disproportionate Boxes, Conical/Tapered Boxes, Critical design of Food Packaging Boxes, Longer Tube Light Boxes to avoid Fish Tail Issue, Cross Pasting etc.
Advance Attachments
Model JC-850PC JC-1100PC JC-850PCW JC-1100PCW
Suitable for Paper Range Cardboard, 250gm-800gm, Corrugated Paper F, E, & N
Max. Speed 450 m/min 450 m/min 450 m/min 450 m/min
Machine Length 15800 mm 15800 mm 17000 mm 17000 mm
Machine Width 1550 mm 2000 mm 1550 mm 2000 mm
Machine Height 1450 mm 1450 mm 1450 mm 1450 mm
Total Power 21 KW 21 KW 25 KW 25 KW
Max. Air Consumption 0.7 m3/min 0.7 m3/min 0.7 m3/min 0.7 m3/min
Total Weight 9.2 Tons 10.2 Tons 10.2 Tons 11.2 Tons
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Folder Gluer Machine


Machine Features
  • 4 No’s of Suction Belts at Feeder Section.
  • Independent AC Motor for Feeder Section.
  • Pneumatic Blank Vibrator at Feeder Section.
  • Equipped with LED Screen at Feeder for Monitoring Carton Delivery at Delivery Conveyor.
  • Standard Blank Aligner Section.
  • Standard Accessories for B-Type Straight Line Cartons.
  • Standard Accessories for B-Type Crash Lock Cartons.
  • Advanced Gluing Tank with Unique Scrapper Device with Micro-Metric Adjustment for Precise Gluing.
  • Glue Tank Designed for Easy to Clean.
  • Unique Auto Removal Centre Conveyor Section to Reduce the Downtime of the Machine.
  • Motorized Conveyors.
  • Longer Folding & Closing Section which allows Corrugated Cartons Folding Smoothly to Minimize the Fish Tail Issue.
  • Independent AC Motor for Trombone Section.
  • Batch Counter equipped with Electronic Sensor.
  • Longer Delivery Length for Precise Pressing of Cartons.
  • Delivery Section can be Adjusted Backward/Forward and Up/Down as per Carton Design.
  • Conveyor Pressure can be adjusted Pneumatically.
  • Standard Clapping Device at Trombone Section to avoid Fish Tail Issue in Low Height Self-Lock Cartons and Disproportionate Cartons.
  • In-Line Braille Unit.
  • In-Line Print Inspection.
  • Rapid Wave Technology to get Higher Productivity of Crash Lock Cartons.
  • Maximum Feeding Width: 1100 mm. Extended Feeder can produce 5 Feet Long Tube Light Cartons.
  • Straight Line Carton up to 1100 mm. Crash Lock cartons up to 1000 mm. 28. Power Required: 25 KW.
  • Max. Speed: 450 meters/min
  • Standard 2 Years Warranty.
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