Flim Lamination RI-1050-H/1050-E/1050-B


Fully Automatic Film Lamination high speed Vertical High-precision and multi-duty lamination is a newly developed product geared to the market demand, which is specially designed water-based and dry laminating glue. The main unit is applied in cementing, drying and laminating, easy to operate. It can be used for multiple purpose, such as oil type, water-based, and dry type lamination. It is a new style laminating machine. The hot knife cutting device (optional) & flying knife cutting device (optional), specially for cutting thin paper which laminated for PET, PVC film and it is also suitable for cutting various thin film.

Optional Configuration

Chain Knife, Hot Knife, Dust Remove, Window Lamination, UV/IR Coating, Multi Roll Film Laminating, Corona Device, Anti Static Device.

Automatic Feeder
High Precision Lays
Automatic Side Guide
High Precision Gluing Rollers
Dry Roller, Pressing Roller & Rubber Roller
Paper Puller
Disk Knife
Bouncing Roller
Automatic Delivery Unit
Optional Componets
Optional Componets
Optional Componets

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