Folder Gluer JC Series JC-850/1100

Launched In-Line Braille in India


IMMOVABLE HOOKS Technology to run Crash Lock Cartons at a speed of 400m/min


Standard folding, Double-wall, Bottom lock boxes and 4/6 corner boxes.
Specific auxiliaries can produce special boxes like CD, ladder-shaped, box-in-box & 3-fold silk stocking boxes.

Advance Solution for some Specific Issues

  • Disproportionate or Low height Cardboard and E-flute Cartons
  • European Quality at Reasonable Price
  • Tube Light Box With Cold Glue upto 9000B/hrs.
  • Upto 9 feet long box also can be done

Advance Attachments

  • Semi-Automatic Collection Table
  • Inline Inspection
  • Inline Braille
  • Inline Window Patching
  • 4 & 6 Corner Attachment
    • Movable stacking belts of 2 boards on left and right, adjustable on-line per stacking requirement to improve efficiency.
    • Extra sponge belt for pressing of concave part the box piles.
    • Air-pressed easy adjustment to ensure even pressure of gluing.
    • Synchronized in proportion with main motor in automatic mode to improve stable stacking
Trombone (Perssing)
    • Auto-collecting of paper/sheets and water spray by photoelectric counter.
    • Paper-jam inspection device.
    • Adjustable upper and lower belts for easy and simple operation.
    • 2nd crease 180°, 4th crease 180°.
    • Specifically designed to adjust belt feeding speed separately to correct box.
    • Embryo running direction and ensure straight feeding.
Bottom folding
    • Equipped with bottom lock combination/adjustment, with ideally flexible design that ensures fast and easy operation.
    • Sectional belt feeder with special design, flexible and adjustable per product requirement without tightening or loosening  the belt.
    • Electronic glue sprayer (required).

Pre folding
    • Specific design ensures upto 180° on 1st crease and upto 165° on 3rd crease.
    • 4/6 back-hook system can be added as upgrade (optional).
Inline Printing Inspection
Paper Regulation
    • Auto-correction of paper/sheets from the feeder ensures feeding accuracy.
    • Adjustable press drive fit for various thickness of paper/sheets.
    • Independent motor driving system.
      Synchronized feeding with main motor.
      Equipped with vibrating sheet separation system.

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