Folder Gluer JX Series JX-1200/1450/1700/2100/2300/2800

  • Main Features

*Modulation structure design, can upgrade machine function according to customer requirements. All conveyors are driven by independent synchronized motor drive.

*Specialy equipped with paper regulator device.

  • *Strengthen the broadening upper and lower belt drive, suitable for corrugated cartons.

*The whole machine guide board adjust is electric mobile system, easy commissioning.

*Upper and lower board movement adopts straight line rail system, to ensure the mechanical accuracy of movement.

*Humanized design attachment installation, easy operation.

*A hexagon spanner can adjust the whole set of machine to easy operation.

*Pressing unit has regulator, and collecting unit has patting device, can effectively avoid the scissors mouth phenomenon of corrugated products.

*Collecting paper unit adopts cylinder type pressing system, easy for adjust pressure, and make the products can pasted effectively.

*Touch screen control panel.

*Remote control convenience for operators to set the jobs.

Advance Solution for some Specific issues 

  • Disproportionate cartons can be run.
  • European Quality at Reasonable Price
  • Upto 9 feet long Carton can be run with cold glue

Fully Automatic Folder Gluer JX Series

  • Normal two fold box, two side gluing, two side bottom locking and four, six point box.

Advance attachments

  • Inline Window Patching
  • Collection Machine
Conveyor Unit
    • Patting, correcting and positioning before enter collecting paper unit, to make sure that the formed cartons have not scissors mouth phenomenon.
Trombone Unit
    • Upper and lower belt can move forward and backward to adjust. Equipped with trimming correction device.
    • Paper jammed detection device
Folding Unit
    • Special super long folding module, ensure paperboard natural forming after full stretch in this function, left and right conveyer belts speed can be independent adjust, correction cartons again and ensure conveying in straight line.
Bottom Glue + Back Folding Module
    • We specially designed back folding institution, adopted with high precision servo control system to drive, to realize the special folding function of bottom folding, front hook, back folding etc. can meet all kinds of abnormal cartons, four/six points cartons function.
Regulation unit

    The paperboard send out by unit can be corrected through, regulation unit, ensure the precision of conveying. The upper pressure drive can up and down adjust, to adapt to different paperboards thickness.

Feeder Unit
    • Feeder Unit drive and adjust speed  by an independent motor Vacuum suction belt, ensure cardboard conveying accurate and stable.

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