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Confidence Series

  1. Expertise Jobs with 600 Tons Cutting Pressure & Heating Chase – Cake base cutting, kappa board cutting, puzzle job cutting, micro-embossing, nano/deep embossing, 3D embossing and plastic job with soft creasing.
  2. Comprehensive Foil Feeding – Longitudinal and lateral hot foil stamping at the same time, reducing the foil usage and saving foil replaced time.
  3. Foil Control – Such as foil advancing step combination setting, automatic most efficient stepping combination calculation as well as motion stepping combination simulation and, hologram stamping is of the latest technology the foil control system and provides reliable and precision foil advancing control.
  4. Waste Foil Rewinding Unit – Outside the delivery section controlled by the foil control system for efficient waste foil rejection and keeping foil tension constant by synchronizing the waste foil pulling with foil advancing.