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The flexible and inexpensive Maintenance Solutions by the industry experts

Robus India co-founder Mr. Prem Vishwakarma has 20+ years of experience manufacturing post-printing machines, delivering meticulous and professional top-notch services to its end-users, and having a vast network of creating, organizing, managing, and distributing products. A team of 35+ specialized and well-qualified experts provides technical support, training, maintenance, installation, spare parts and consumables in India and round the globe. Robus India provides pre-sale services to assist customers’ better understanding products, build confidence and customers’ trust, understand their needs, as well as conduct site visits for the clients’ plant and factories to explain in detail about technical requirements of the machine on the job. Robus India, with its knowledge and competence, continues to introduce new technology-driven machines to establish a long-term relationship and provide end-users with 360-degree all-around services.

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