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Automatic Reel to Sheet Film Lamination

  1. Processed Materials: PVC, BOPP, PET, METPET, THERMAL
  2. Shaftless Unwinding: The unwinder adopts shaftless feeding system that both suitable for 3inch and 6inch paper core and could support big jumbo roll. Shaftless unwinder is easy for loading and unloading.
  3. Ultrasonic web guide system.Adopt a sensitive ultrasonic web guide system to make sure material is cut with high precision.
  4. CCD Web Guide: Adopts mostly advanced CCD web guide system, that could visually see the materials deviation with sensitive correction sensor.
  5. Teflon Coated Drying Roll: Exclusive treatment of drying roll with Teflon coating that make the roll surface smooth and glue stickless. Compare with chrome plate, the temperature will more balanced.
  6. Drying and Heating System: Bulk 800mm diameter drying roll with Teflon coating, that could bring the highest glue drying effect, large heating roll by electromagnetic heating plus oil heating, guarantee the heating efficiency and make sure laminating quality when run in high speed.
  7. Pneumatic Pressure System: Fully pneumatic system to control the laminating pressure, the pressure would highly uniform and easy to adjust.

Frequently Ask Questions

Robus India offers a wide range of sheet-to-sheet and reel-to-reel film lamination machines to cater to diverse needs and production volumes. We have machines suitable for basic office use, high-volume printing companies, and industrial applications.

Durability: Built with robust construction and high-quality components for long-lasting performance with our film lamination machine.

Reliability: Consistent and dependable operation for seamless production.

Versatility: Various models with diverse capabilities, including automatic feeding, cutting, slitting, and different film types.

User-friendliness: Intuitive control panels and easy operation for smooth workflow.

Safety: Equipped with safety features to ensure operator protection with our film lamination machine.

Budget: Film lamination Machines range from affordable options for basic use to advanced models for high-volume production.

Needs: Assess the types of materials you’ll laminate, desired production volume, and required features.

Features: Choose features like automatic feeding, cutting, slitting, and film type compatibility

Film lamination machine helps you to Protects materials from scratches, moisture, and UV rays.

Enhances appearance with a glossy or matte finish.

Increases durability and lifespan of printed materials.

Adds rigidity and stability to documents and photos.

High efficiency: Continuously processes large volumes of material, saving time and labor compared to sheet-to-sheet lamination.

Reduced waste: Minimizes material waste thanks to precise web feeding and sheet cutting.

Uniform lamination: Ensures consistent film application across the entire web, resulting in high-quality sheets.

Versatility: Handles various materials and film types, catering to diverse needs.

Robus India offers a range of reel-to-sheet film laminators to suit different production requirements and budgets:

  • Basic models: Manual feeding and cutting, ideal for low-volume applications.
  • Advanced models: Automatic feeding, cutting, slitting, and temperature control for high-volume production.
  • Industrial laminators: High-speed machines with robust construction for heavy-duty use