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Excellence Series

  1. Rapid Wave Technology – It helps to run crash lock cartons on a speed of 400 meter per minute, which can run liquor boxes at a speed of 48,000 boxes per hour without this device it can run up to 20,000 to 25,000 boxes only.
  2. Motorized Inner Conveyors – It helps to save make ready time by 15 to 20% compared to traditional method.
  3. Unique Auto Removal Central Conveyor – This device saves a huge time in job changeover from bigger size (Three Tracks Jobs) to smaller size (Two Tracks Jobs), this feature directly saves 2-hour time for production compared to other available options in market.
  4. Clapping Device with Up/Down Delivery Conveyor – This feature helps to run low height short & wide self-lock /disproportionate corrugated cartons like shoe box, electronics boxes, pharma outer cartons. It avoids cross pasting and fish tail issues.
  5. Pneumatic Squaring Device – It helps to run low height short & wide crash lock corrugated cartons and disproportionate cartons without any cross-pasting issue.
  6. Independent AC motor for Trombone Section – It helps to enhance productivity by 20 to 25%.