Who We Are

Team of well-trained and dedicated employees has consistently providing total solution for post printing equipments.

Our team consists of:

  • Sales Engineers
  • Operator Trainers
  • Installation Experts
  • Emergency repair specialists

Why We

We have dedicated our resources to understand the specific needs of each customer; Balancing Productivity, Reliability and Cost, while providing the best converting technology solutions.

What We Do

We provide comprehensive products and support services for the paperboard and you need assistance in buying or selecting to help you make the best choice.


  1. Sales,
  2. Installation
  3. Operations & General maintenance training.

Products Support:

  1. Services and Spare Parts Inventory in India
  2. Annual Maintenance Contract,
  3. Emergency Repair.


  1. We are available anytime as per customers requirement.

Where We are

We are located in Delhi (NCR), Greater Noida(UP) and China.

Our Proposed new 10,000 square feet plant includes a new equipment demonstration, training and manufacturing area, and spare parts inventory.
We invite you to visit our facility and view demonstrations of our new machinery in Greater Noida (UP).