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Excellence Series
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Automatic Reel to Reel Film Lamination
Automatic Reel to Sheet Film Lamination
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800, 1080, 1300
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Excellence Series’ 1060AT
Performance Series’ 1050ATC, 1350ATC
Confidence Series’ 1060AT

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Tape Applicator
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Inline Braille Rotary Embossing
Automatic Collecting Table
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Frequently Ask Question

Robus India’s have a range of machine according to all needs in industry, our High Speed Folder Gluer Machine , focusing on speed, reliability, automation, and versatility.If peak efficiency and uncompromising performance are your goals, High Speed Folder Gluer Machine stand ready to propel your packaging operation to the next level.

Robus India’s High Speed Folder Gluer Machine  are built for relentless productivity, packing a punch of features designed to dominate large-scale packaging demands. Imagine lightning-fast production speeds exceeding 500 boxes per minute, achieved through seamless automation and precision engineering. Think sturdy constructions that handle heavy-duty operations with unwavering reliability, minimizing downtime and maximizing output.

High Speed Folder Gluer Machine  efficiency boast intelligent feeding systems that ensure a steady flow of paperboard, advanced scoring and pre-folding mechanisms for accurate box formation, and high-tech gluing applicators guaranteeing strong, consistent bonds. Forget tedious manual adjustments – user-friendly control panels with intuitive interfaces put production control at your fingertips, while integrated quality control systems keep a watchful eye on every box, ensuring flawless results.

An  folder gluer machine is a high-precision piece of equipment used in the packaging industry to automatically fold and glue flat sheets of paperboard or cardboard into various boxes, cartons, and other packaging products.  folder gluer machines can dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of box production compared to manual methods. Folder gluer machines produce consistent, high-quality boxes with strong glued seams. folder gluer machines can significantly reduce the need for manual labor. Folder gluer machines can produce a wide variety of box sizes and styles.

Paperboard sheets are automatically fed into the machine by a stack feeder or conveyor belt. folder gluer machine ensures a smooth and consistent flow of material. Rotating wheels press score lines onto the paperboard at designated fold points. These weakened lines guide the subsequent folding process for precise box formation. Dedicated folding sections equipped with rollers and guides handle the actual folding of the flaps. Each section focuses on specific folds, like bottom flaps, side flaps, and tuck flaps. Precise glue applicators deposit hot melt or cold glue onto designated areas of the folded flaps. The type of glue depends on the box material and required bond strength. Pressing stations apply pressure to the glued flaps, ensuring a strong and even bond. Different types of pressure mechanisms are used depending on the glue type and box style.Finished boxes are stacked or ejected from the machine via automated systems. Stacking systems can organize boxes by size or style for further processing or shipment.

As a leading manufacturer of folder gluer machines, Robus India understands the importance of a well-functioning production line. This includes mastering the art of the “series,” the sequence of machines working together to transform flat paperboard into perfectly formed boxes. 

At Robus India, we know packaging solutions need to be as versatile as they are efficient. That’s why we proudly introduce the  Folder Gluer & Stitcher – a machine that combines the best of both worlds, crafting sturdy boxes with the perfect blend of glued and stitched strength.

  • Excellence Series Model : FGS-2600A, 2800A, 3200A
  • Performance Series Model: 2400, 2600, 2900

The Confidence Series of folder gluer machines, from Robus India, is more than just a range of folder gluer machines. It’s a testament to our dedication to quality, efficiency, and your peace of mind. Each machine in the series embodies years of engineering expertise, crafted with unwavering precision to deliver smooth operation, flawless box formation, and unmatched reliability. Whether you’re a high-volume producer or a growing business, the folder gluer machine Confidence Series empowers you to confidently take on any packaging challenge, knowing your machines will rise to the occasion, every time. So, embrace the confidence that comes with Robus India. It’s not just the name of our series, it’s the feeling you get when you choose the best.